Mod Watch: Mandalorians, siege of Mandalore and ARC-170s!

author image by Elr1c | Mods | 0 Comments | January 31, 2018

Since Frosty tool suite became available for Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII) the number of mods coming out each month is staggering. The creativity of SWBFII modders is simply amazing and we constantly have new examples to showcase that. This week is no exception and we bring you some impressive mods.


Mandalorian Heavy Commando

The mod was created by Katarn and looks like something that jumped out of a Star Wars Rebels episode. Its creator has definitely spent a great amount of time creating this model. The heavy commando is designed to be a one-man army who isn’t shy about their abilities. They carry a remote demolition charge, a fully automatic E11 blaster, and also has a Rocket Barrage ability. If you ever wanted a class that can completely annihilate a group of enemy units then look no further!

You can download it from here. As always, download at your own risk.


Siege of Mandalore

The mod takes a page out of Clone Wars, and more specifically, the Clone Wars animated series. It recreates the siege of Mandalore which pits Ashoka Tano’s 332nd battalion against Darth Maul’s Death Watch. The “Siege of Mandalore” replaces light side troopers with the 332nd Battalion and dark side troopers with the Death Watch. The mod is currently only available in Arcade and was created by Mophead and KrazyIvan777.

You can download the mod from here.


Arc-170s in Takodana (Arcade)

Did the Clone Wars take place in Takodana? Absolutely! This mod adds ARC-170s in Takodana and allows you to fly them around its beautiful scenery. We couldn’t locate a download link, so, for now, we just have to enjoy the scenery!


See your mod right here!

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