Mod Watch: The 501st squad, Solo a Star Wars Story and more!

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The Star Wars Gaming Network (SWGN) continues to feature great mods from all over the Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII) community. The pace of new mods releasing every week hasn’t decreased as you can probably tell from the list below. We certainly see a lot of mods that use Star Wars movies as their basis.


The 501st squad

This mod adds Kix, Echo, Hardcase, Dogma, Tup, and Jesse in the game. This mod MUST be used along with the DEFAULT SHINIES mod. The skins don’t work together. They have separate files and you can use them one at a time. It was created by KingWarrior5000 and can be downloaded from this link.

Also, be sure to check out the creators’ YouTube channel in order to keep track of his upcoming work.


Solo, a Star Wars Story overhaul for SWBFII

Solo, a Star Wars Story is not set to hit the movie screens until late May this year. SWBFII Modders can’t wait until then. This particular mod, adds a series of new outfits that are in the movie. They include a reskin for Lando Calrissian, Han Solo and more! The mod was created by Bbsod100 and can be downloaded from this link.


Accurate Geonosis Droids for SWBFII

Continuing on the movie-themed of mods, we have another one that’s from Star Wars Attack of the Clones. This particular mod adds a new appearance for Droid units. It changes their default appearance and makes them look like the ones that fought in Geonosis.  EldeBH is the creator of the mod, and you can download it from this link.


Obi-Wan in Clone Wars armor

Obi-Wan is one of the most highly-requested heroes for SWBFII. Why wait until DICE adds him to the game when you can get him right now? Modder Thunderweiner gives you this ability with their skin mod.  This is his first mod, so make sure you show him some love. As the title indicates, it adds Obi-Wan in the game and his Clone Wars armor. You can download it from here.


Your mod right here!

Have a mod that you would like to showcase in Star Wars Gaming Network? Then send us a quick email using the contact form of this website. In the form please make sure to include (1) Your name as you want it to appear in the article, (2) a download link to the mod (3) a description of what your creation is all about. Hope to hear from you soon!


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