No HUD challenge: A Star Wars Battlefront II video by Red Wolf


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Red Wolf returns to his videos with a new release focusing on a challenge that very few would try it. He plays Galactic Assault on Hoth without having his Heads Up Display (HUD) turned on. From one side, playing Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII) without this feature turned on, will allow you to fully appreciate the amazing graphics of the game. The game simply looks stunning and Hoth is one of those maps that looks even better without it.

From the other side though, it’s quite a challenge to play the game this way. It’s probably the most realistic game mode you will ever get. There is no reticle to help you with your aim or any in-game instructions on what to do. Your hearing needs to be super-sharp. You don’t only need to hear footsteps of other units approaching you but also listen to any in-game instructions on objectives. We have never tried to play the game this way and we can certainly see the challenge, especially when getting close and personal with enemy units.


No HUD challenge: A Star Wars Battlefront II video by Red Wolf

In his video, Red Wolf also offers commentary on the latest SWBFII news that came out last Friday. It’s a great way to learn about these, as well as enjoying Hoth, Galactic Assault.


List of topics covered

Red Wolf covers the following topics in his game:

  • Introduction: Cards used during the round –  0:58
  • Thoughts on the new patch and its new skins – 1:43
  • Red Wolf’s favorite (announced) skin – 2:43
  • Talking about the announced hero skins – 2:52
  • Bug fixes coming with the new patch – 3:15
  • Thoughts on Ewok hunt – 3:37
  • Commenting on community’s desire for larger game modes – 5:30
  • Highlighting some Iden Versio’s advantages – 8:20


Upcoming stream schedule

As Red Wolf points out in his video, he will be streaming the new Ewok Hunt game mode when it comes out on the 18th of April. After that, and for about a week, he will be focusing on God of War for about a week. The game is set to come out on the 20th of April so be sure to tune in to watch his walkthrough and also take a break from the game.


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