Notes of Star Wars interest from EA’s fourth-quarter earnings call

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As expected, Electronic Arts (EA) conducted their 4th fiscal quarter earnings call today. While the call focused primarily on financial performance, there were tidbits of information relating to Star Wars games. Our primary interest was whether the company would provide any updates relating to Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII) performance.



Notes of Star Wars interest from Electronic Arts’ fourth-quarter earnings call

The following items were mentioned during the call:

  • Star Wars Battlefront II:
    • EA mentioned that they continue to be committed to the game by listening to player feedback and making changes as needed. They pointed to the progression system revamp as well as Solo Season 2 as some examples of their commitment.
    • The return of microtransactions in SWBFII didn’t have any impact on EA’s profits. The reason is that the microtransactions came back late in the quarter to make any difference. We should probably see something next quarter if sales end up being pretty good.
    • Loot boxes: EA execs were asked whether they were concerned in regards to some countries taking active steps to regulate loot boxes and classify them as a gambling activity. EA indicated that they don’t believe that loot boxes are a form of gambling. They highlighted that they continue to work with regulators across the world.
  • Star Wars Rise to Power: Star Wars: Rise to Power is a mobile game that is currently under development. We should be seeing more information about it during  EA play.
  • Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes (SWGoH): EA mentioned that they will continue to support SWGoH for the long run. They said that the game won’t be in competition with Star Wars: Rise To Power. Both games are targeting different audiences. SWGoH continues to have one of the largest player engagement from all games.
  • Unannounced game: EA will be revealing a new game during EA play in June. There was no mention whether that refers to Respawn’s Star Wars game or something else. The possibility is certainly interesting though!



Nothing to see here… move along

The call didn’t offer any major surprises in terms of Star Wars games. The only new piece of information is that EA plans to reveal a new game during EA play. We hope that this refers to the unannounced Star Wars game that’s currently under development. At the same time, no further mention was made about it.

It’s worth calling out that throughout the call, EA executives stressed their focus on offering games as a service. According to them, going down that path allows connecting more players and offering more content. They predict that subscriptions are going to become the majority of their business in the future.

From a SWBFII perspective, the real news will be coming tomorrow during the Solo Season 2 announcement. Whether Solo as well as the new progression system impact EA’s bottom line, we will know later this year.


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