Poll: What Clone Wars era hero would you like to see in SWBFII?

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Depending on who you ask, a Clone Wars Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII)  season has either been confirmed or it’s very close to being confirmed. With SWBFII’s design director providing many details this and last week, a lot of fans are eagerly waiting for the official news. This doesn’t mean that we can’t have a little bit of fun while we wait, hence this poll.


Star Wars Gaming Network’s hero poll is here!


What Clone Wars era hero would you like to see in Star Wars Battlefront II? (Pick 3)

  • Ashoka Tano (17%, 776 Votes)
  • Asajj Ventress (17%, 734 Votes)
  • Cad-Bane (9%, 403 Votes)
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi (8%, 346 Votes)
  • Jar Jar Binks (8%, 334 Votes)
  • General Grievous (8%, 334 Votes)
  • Anakin Skywalker (7%, 292 Votes)
  • Count Dooku (6%, 280 Votes)
  • Mace Windu (6%, 278 Votes)
  • Jango Fett (6%, 265 Votes)
  • Qui-Gon-Jiin (6%, 264 Votes)
  • Padme Amidala (2%, 80 Votes)
  • Ki-Adi-Mundi (0%, 21 Votes)
  • Aayla Secura (0%, 21 Votes)
  • Plo Koon (0%, 17 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,958

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Taking a closer look at the characters


Aayla Secura

 Ayla Secura was a Force Sensitive Twi’lek female who served the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars. Like many Jedi, she perished during the events of Order 66. Before that, she fought alongside with her Clone Troopers across multiple battles including Geonosis, Coruscant, and Felucia.


Why add her: Possibly easy implementation considering that Twi’lek models are already in the game. She would still have to be developed in terms of abilities and making her unique enough.

Why skip her:  She’s a secondary character and would probably get out-prioritized by other more important characters.


Anakin Skywalker

While SWBFII’s design director thinks that Anakin is the main priority, we disagree. After all, a whole Star Wars trilogy revolved around him as well as the Clone Wars series. Many fans have argued on and off, but most of them agree that Anakin should be part of SWBFII.


Why add him: Regardless of what DICE thinks, he’s one of the most important characters in the original 2 trilogies. Would be interesting to hear him fight alongside Obi-Wan and trading banter.

Why skip him: Yet another Jedi who would look like another Luke Skywalker. SWBFII’s design director Dennis Brannvall doesn’t seem to think that Anakin is a priority.


Asajj Ventress

Asaajj Ventress became popular with the Clone Wars animated series. She’s an assassin trained in the Dark side of the Force who never earned the title of a Sith. Her main rivals, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, clashed with her many times.


Why add her: Asaajj’s abilities are a combination of Sith and bounty hunter. The possibilities are endless. One of the few “baddies” carrying two lightsabers in combat. Fighting Obi-Wan would only remind us of her battles during the animated series.

Why skip her: She’s probably a second-tier character. Might not be easy to add a dual-yielding hero to the game.


Ashoka Tano

Ashoka Tano is Anakin’s padawan and yet another Clone Wars (and Rebels) character. She initially appears as a 14-year old who becomes Anakin’s apprentice and eventually develops into a very powerful Jedi.


Why add her: One of the most popular characters of the Clone Wars series. She carries dual white lightsabers and would make a fine addition to the lineup of heroes in the game. She would also introduce a new race in the game (Togruta). Ashoka’s presence would certainly please a lot of fans.

Why skip her: Honestly, we couldn’t think of a good reason. Make it happen, Dennis!




Cad Bane

Cad Bane is another character that spawned from the Clone Wars series and became very popular. He was a Duros bounty hunter who was considered to be the best. He only won that title shortly after the death of Jango Fett. Bane showed preference fighting Jedis and he was pretty good at it.


Why add him: His weapon is rumored to be one the pistols to be added to the game. It would make sense to add him as well. Bane could be the answer to all Jedi with special abilities to counter their force powers. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time that DICE adds a bounty hunter to the game.Duros character models are already in the game after all.

Why skip him: The only argument we could think of is that Bane doesn’t rank as high as some of the other Star Wars villains.


Count Dooku

Count Dooku was a Jedi who turned Sith and for a brief period of time was the right hand of Palpatine. His character has made appearances in movies and animated series as the defacto rival of Anakin Skywalker. Dooku was supposed to be an expert lightsaber fighter and had many battles against other Jedi masters including Yoda.

Why add him: He was an important character during the beginning of the Clone Wars and the main villain. Along with General Grievous, they were always presented as the two main villains. Dooku could carry abilities that make him unmatched against other lightsaber yielding characters.

Why skip him: Yet another lightsaber-yielding character in addition to the many already found in the game. Would probably have to be unique enough to be added.



General Grievous

General Grievous was a cyborg general who served as the commander of droid armies during the clone wars. He was responsible for killing many Jedis and had the hobby of holding on to their lightsabers as a souvenir. Grievous clashed with Obi-Wan Kenobi multiple times during the Clone Wars. In many ways, the cyborg general is the latter’s main rival throughout the conflict.

Why add him: General Grievous is not only a powerful villain but would probably serve as a unique addition to the game. The fact that he can fight other lightsaber-yielding heroes in addition to fight light a droid would only add to the variety of characters in the game.

Why skip him: We can’t think of a good reason for skipping him, other than, it might be difficult to create a character model that actually feels like Grievous.



Jango Fett

Up to his death, Jango Fett was the most notorious bounty hunter in the galaxy. He was also responsible for working with Kaminoan scientists and creating the Clone Army to his image – for a price of course! Jango wore a Mandalorian armor although Mandagovernmenternemnt didn’t recognize him as a true native.

Why add him: Assuming that at some point DICE could switch to heroes being locked to their era, Jango could make a good addition. He’s unique enough and could possibly add more variety to the game. From a character model perspective, using a modified Boba Fett model could be relatively easy to implement.

Why skip him: Having a variation of Boba Fett in the game could feel repetitive if he’s not unique enough. Jango is an important character, however, Boba always seemed to rank higher on the list.



Jar Jar Binks

Jar Jar Binks was a Gungan male military commander and politician during the Clone Wars. He was also known for his clumsiness, a quality that got him kicked out of the Gungan society. Binks played a pivotal role in granting Chancellor Palpatine his extra powers which eventually led to the rise of the Galactic Empire.

Why add him: We think that adding Jar Jar, would only work if it was done on a special occasion like April Fools’ day or some other special event. He could add an element of comedy to the game with his clumsiness.

Why skip him: Jar Jar is not exactly a fan favorite. Many blame the character for what’s wrong with the Clone Wars trilogy. With what SWBFII has gone through so far, this could prove to be a controversial choice.




Ki-Adi-Mundi was a Cerean Jedi Master who fought during the Clone Wars. He was also a Jedi General who lead Clone Troopers against droids on multiple occasions. As many other Jedi, he perished when Chancellor Palpatine, activated Order 66, that turned Clone Troopers against Jedis.

Why add him: His a unique looking alien who could make an excellent addition to the game. Another reason is just for having him play in Kashyyyk with the Wookies, and say his famous catchphrase!

Why skip him: If DICE thinks that Anakin is not high enough on the list of Jedi, we’re not sure if Ki-Adi-Mundi is!




Mace Windu

Mace Windu was a Master of the Jedi Order and, by many considered, only second to none to Master Yoda. During the Clone Wars. Windu was an expert swordsman and was known for his legendary wisdom. He was also responsible for attempting to arrest Chancellor Palpatine towards the end of the Clone Wars. His attempt claimed his life.

Why add him: One of the most powerful Jedi in the galaxy could be an excellent addition to the game. His swordsmanship powers could also add to his unique set of abilities.

Why skip him: Even though he ranks higher than many other Jedi characters, Windu, could be considered of a lower importance as compared to Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Yoda. Again, the same argument applies. If DICE thinks that Anakin doesn’t rank high enough, we don’t think that Windu does either.


Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan Kenobi was probably one of the most important Jedi Generals of the Clone Wars Era. He was known for his wisdom, skill, and mastery of the Force. Kenobi trained Anakin Skywalker, as well as his son, Luke Skywalker. He continued to play a role in the Galactic Civil War conflict where he influenced a lot of the events that took place.

Why add him: Obi-Wan ranks near the top of Jedi Masters alongside Yoda. The rumor is that he is going to be one of the additions to the game once the new season lands. We couldn’t agree more.

Why skip him: No reason at all.




Padme Amidala

Senator Padme Amidala was a Naboo politician and an advocate for peace during the Clone Wars Era. She was targeted multiple times by assassins during the era and she managed to survive all attempts against her life. Her close relationship with Anakin Skywalker eventually led to their marriage. Padme was also the mother of Luke and Leia Skywalker, with the latter also serving as a politician and a diplomat during the Galactic Civil War.

Why add her: From a Clone Wars era perspective, Padme is as important as Leia. She is not only a diplomat but also someone who’s not afraid to pick up a blaster. She could make an interesting addition to the game.

Why skip her: Probably because she’s already too much like Princess Leia who’s already in the game. It might not add anything unique to SWBFII.




Plo Koon

Plo Koon was a Jedi Master and a member of the Jedi High Council who served during the Clone Wars. Koon was responsible for discovering Ashoka Tano and bringing her to the Jedi Order where she would eventually become Anakin Skywalkers’ padawan. Plo Koon was known for taking up dangerous missions. He fought in many battles during the Clone Wars.

Why add him: From a uniqueness point of view, Plo Koon, is probably a great addition to the game.

Why skip him: Again, not the most important Jedi general in comparison to others.





Qui-Gon-Jin was a Jedi Master during the early phases of the Clone Wars. He served as a master to Obi-Wan-Kenobi and was the one who discovered Anakin Skywalker. Jiin was considered a maverick within the Jedi Order who didn’t always follow the rules. His discovery of Anakin clearly shows that. He died during his duel with Darth Maul.

Why pick him: Qui-Gon-Jiin, was an important Jedi who shaped a lot of events of the Clone Wars era.

Why skip him: Honestly, not important or unique enough to add variety to the game (unless of course, DICE can really do something special with him).


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