Battlefront 101: S-5 Hand Cannon Breakdown by Red Wolf


The purpose of this new series of articles is to ensure offer tips and strategies Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII). These can be small tips that can help you improve your game or bigger strategies. As the column evolves we will be adding more and more information about the game. Keep in mind, we offer these with a new player perspective in mind – someone who never played any of the Battlefront games before.

The video below was put together by Red Wolf and offers more information on the Officer’s S-5  blaster cannon.


Battlefront 101: S-5 Hand Cannon Breakdown by Red Wolf


List of topics covered

Red Wolf covers the following topics in his video:

  • Introduction – 0.15
  • Taking a closer look at its blaster attachments – 0.23
  • S-5 damage output – 0.32
  • Understanding the S-5’s overheating patterns – 1.19
  • Rate of fire – 1.43
  • Damage per round – 2.32
  • Comparing the S-5 with specialist weapons – 3.25
  • Headshot multiplier – 4.12
  • Weapon cooling – 4.39
  • S-5 hand cannon accuracy – 5.39
  • Comparing the S-5 against other officer weapons – 6.15


In summary

As Red Wolf points out in his clip the S-5 is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. If you’re a support player who likes to play from the back then you will love the weapon. Its extended range almost makes as good as a sniper rifle. We personally came across quite a few newer players playing as specialists who couldn’t believe that the S-5 could hit them at such a great distance. At the same time, like sniper rifles, the S-5 has a slow firing rate. Y can compensate for that, however, by using the techniques and load outs that Red Wolf suggests in his video.


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