Second chance for getting Han Solo’s Hoth skin in SWBFII starting today

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A couple of weeks ago, DICE started introducing unique hero outfits to Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII). The outfits (or skins) were unlocked by doing in-game challenges. All of them were based off Hoth skins for Luke, Leia and Han Solo. At the time when the challenges were announced, the studio gave no indication whether these skins are going to make a return.

Luckily, we didn’t have to wait too long to find out. Last week, DICE reintroduced the challenge of unlocking Leia’s Hoth skin. That challenge ended up being a little bit more difficult than expected. In specific, it required you to play 5 rounds of JetPack Cargo. While it sounds pretty easy, the lack of timer in that particular game mode meant that rounds lasted for a very long time. The studio wanted to rectify the issue by reintroducing the challenge.

This week, players who didn’t have time to unlock Han Solo’s skin get another chance.


Second chance for getting Han Solo’s Hoth skin in SWBFII starting today

Electronic Arts’ global community lead Ben Walke, announced in a relevant post yesterday that the challenge is making a return. It’s set to run from Thursday to Sunday and according to him, it’s our last chance for getting the skin.

The details of the skin challenge were later posted on social media and are as follows:

Last week we offered players a second chance at earning the Hoth Leia Organa Appearance and we saw that many of you also requested that you get a second chance at this Han Solo Appearance because you were busy off-world, celebrating the Easter weekend.

Starting April 12 you will have one last chance to earn the Hoth Han Solo Appearance. Based on your feedback we are also changing up the challenge requirements, including the removal of Starfighter assault.

Challenge Details

  • Earn 25,000 Battle Points
  • Defeat 10 Enemies While in a Vehicle
  • Defeat 10 Enemies in Galactic Assault*

As always, we thank you for your feedback and encourage you to continue sharing it with us.


Is it really our last chance?

The question was inevitably asked by some members of the SWBFII community who were wondering about it. In a relevant thread, Ben Walke replied with the following message:

No plans for the re-run of the challenge, but I believe you should be able to pick it up when the appearance update arrives using your credits.

Of course, appearance update refers to the new customization system that’s set to land very soon. According to Ben, the update should be landing in a few days. Assuming that news for the game are going to be available sometime today (Thursday) or tomorrow, it’s fair to say that the patch will be available by Tuesday next week.


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