“Sound Composer” highlights Gordy Haab; SWBFII’s music composer

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The development of any video game is not a simple endeavor. It involves a number of different talented individuals who come together to create amazing games for the rest of us to play. Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII) is no exception. Usually, the spotlight falls to lead developers or even the actors who portray characters in story-driven games. SWBFII’s design director Dennis Brannvall and actress Janina Gavankar who plays Iden Versio, certainly fall into that category.

A lesser-known individual who had a big impact on both Star Wars Battlefront I and II is Gordy Haab. Haab is the music composer for both games and recently gave an interview to online publication “Sound Architect”. We highly recommend that you check it out.


Gordy Haab at work


The heroes behind the scenes

Gordy Haab is certainly not a stranger to composing video game music. His career spans many different games including Microsoft’s Halo 2 and Star Wars Kinect, as well as, Star Wars the Old Republic (SWToR). He has won many awards, including the BAFTA award for ‘Excellence in Audio Achievement. Haab has also won the ‘Best Original Soundtrack’ and ‘Best Instrumental Music’ awards at the 10th Annual GDC G.A.N.G. Awards for his work in SWToR.

In the interview, Haab talks about how he had to change his music approach from Battlefront I to Battlefront II. He had to create musical themes that were specific to each hero while drawing inspiration from John Williams’ music. Haab also talked about the challenges of working with adaptive music systems. The system changes music intensity depending on what’s happening during the battle.

The interview goes into a lot more depth about the Haab’s unique challenges of working with big franchises like Star Wars and Halo. Again, we highly recommend that you check it out over at Sound Architect as well as Gordy Haab’s website where you will find more articles of gaming interest. It certainly sheds light on aspects of game development that as gamers came to expect, however, don’t realize how much work goes into them.


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