Speculating on a Star Wars Battlefront II “Solo” Season

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Last week brought Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII) fans a plethora of news. In many ways, it reaffirmed our belief that we will eventually get a Clone Wars season. More importantly, we got the notion that game support will continue for a long time.

One interesting comment that caught our attention was the one made by the game’s Design Director, Dennis Brännvall. When asked about what types of seasons fans might expect, he gave the following answer:

There are a few season that are more or less locked – mainly related to when something big happens in the movie world of Star Wars. Outside of that, it’s pretty much up to the community to request things.


Speculating on a “Solo” movie season for SWBFII

If you’re a Star Wars fan, then you know that the next movie of the franchise coming out in May is “Solo”. The movie covers Han Solo’s origin story and Disney started building up the hype by releasing the following trailer.


We’re speculating that Electronic Arts (EA) and DICE will attempt to capitalize on the movie’s release. We think that they will create SWBFII content that ties to the movie. While neither company has confirmed anything, it’s a safe bet to assume that we will get a season themed by the movie. Here are some things we might end up seeing.



Millenium Falcon

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about vehicles is the Millenium Falcon.  The Star Wars Show provided a preview to Han’s ship that looked completely different to what we’re used to. The Falcon looks a lot cleaner and newer.  According to the show, its design is inspired by legendary Star Wars concept artist Ralph McQuarrie’s early designs.

A different look Millenium Falcon emerges. Note the difference in its front section


We’re guessing that this version of the Millenium Falcon will be one of the centerpieces of a Solo-themed season. You might see it in a Starfighter Assault map as a hero ship that you have to unlock alongside the other versions of the ship. From a game mechanics perspective, it should handle very similarly to the versions that are already in the game.


A new TIE fighter version?

During the movie trailer, one of the ships that many fans noticed was a new version of a TIE fighter. We’re not sure what it is called or what class the ship is. It is, however, an intriguing possibility for SWBFII. If Criterion, the studio responsible for Starfighter Assault,  decides to implement something like that it will be interesting to see how they do.

The main challenge would be whether this TIE will be a new ship class or an addition to existing classes. After all, Solo takes place during the time of the rise of the Galactic Empire and SWBFII already has 3 ship classes with very-well defined designs. If Criterion decides to add the ship to the game, they could add it to an existing ship class but make it era specific. In other words, make this ship available only on certain maps that align with “Solo”‘s era.

A new TIE coming to SWBFII?



For Galactic Assault, an interesting possibility would be to the speeder-like vehicle seen in the trailer added to the game. The speeder seems to have the same behavior as the ones players use in Mos Eisley. We’re making the assumption that it might be a relatively easy addition from a mechanics point of view. Again, the question would be how this addition will be implemented. If a “Solo” season also brings new maps, then it would make sense to add it as a vehicle skin that’s specific to a map.

A speeder resembling an X-34 land speeder that players get to use in Mos Eisley



In addition to the trailer, fans were also treated to the release of some very interesting posters for the movie. These focused on the main characters of the movie: Han Solo, Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian and Qi’Ra. With the exception of the last one, everyone else is in the game already. We could very easily see some skins of Han Solo or Lando getting added as part of a Solo season. Qi’Ra, on the other hand, could easily be a new hero addition if DICE chooses to. If the studio sticks to the usual pattern of adding one hero and one villain to the game, then it’s going to be interesting to see who that villain might be.

A new SWBFII hero?


Other potential additions

Maps and weapons could make great additions to a Solo-inspired SWBFII season. With the Last Jedi, DICE added two new maps, D’Qar and Crait. It allowed the studio to create a movie-specific playlist that they used as one of the events of the season. Something like that could happen again.

Adding more weapons to the game is also a possibility. A lot of players are reaching the point where they have unlocked every weapon in the game so adding more of them could be an option. These could be offered as part of achievements which would help with the game’s replayability since it would give more things for players to do.


Always in motion the future is

Once again we would like to make it absolutely clear that everything you have read so far is speculation. There is no official confirmation from DICE, EA, Criterion or any official source about a Solo season. Once season 2 gets formally announced, it will be quite some time until we see a Solo season. As Dennis mentioned in recent replies, the amount of content going into each season might vary. Whether “Solo” is a big season with a lot of content or just a more focused season remains to be seen.


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