DICE wraps up work on upcoming Star Wars Battlefront II content


Yesterday, we wrote about the end of Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII)’s  JetPack Cargo game mode. As you might remember, DICE always highlighted that this mode would only be available for a limited amount of time. They only hinted that the game mode might return at some point in the future. Of course, this didn’t stop fans from asking the studio to make this a permanent game mode.

We think that the end of JetPack Cargo is only temporary. Considering how many things DICE have on their plate, we highly doubt they would develop something that they would scrap after a short period of time. This could also mean that we’re getting closer to new content release.


DICE wraps up work of upcoming SWBFII content

Yesterday, SWBFII’s Design Director, posted a congratulatory tweet to all the teams working on the game. Apparently, they finishing work on the upcoming patch.

This particular tweet seems to be following a trend across different SWBFII developers. They all seem to be indicating that their work for this particular period is ending.


Speculating on what’s coming next

We can only speculate what this means as well as the timeline of the patch. One guess is that the upcoming patch introduces the revamped progression system. After all, Dennis Brannvall previously stated that implementing the system was the studio’s highest priority. We’re not sure if this means that microtransactions are returning at the same time. As we repeatedly wrote, we think that they will return in a cosmetic form and will be less invasive than before.

The second thing that is obviously on everyone’s minds is whether the upcoming patch includes Season 2. Everyone is wishing for a Clone Wars season, and recent leaks seem to indicate that. Of course, the main question is whether the studio has enough capacity to tackle both the new progression system as well as the next season.



Regardless of what the answer is, we think that it’s great news for the game. If we only get a revamped system then it means that DICE can fully dedicate themselves to developing content, instead of reworking major parts of it. The downside obviously is that we will have to wait for a little bit longer. Under this scenario, we speculate that the studio will still release some content.

On the other hand, we could potentially get a revamped progression system plus Season 2. This only means that DICE can fully work on balancing tweaks and bug fixes as well as developing Season 3. The main rumor is that Season 3 will be focused on the Solo movie that’s set to come out in late May 2018.

In regards to a release timeline, if DICE completes their development work this week it might require another two weeks until it clears Quality Assurance (QA) and deploys into production. If QA has already started, then the next patch could be released a lot earlier than that.


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