Star Wars Battlefront II Release Notes: Classes, Special Units & Vehicles


Inferno Squad

As expected, DICE released today the latest content for Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII). Among other things, the studio also implemented a number of fixes for the game. These range from balancing changes to simple bug fixes. All of them serving the intent to better the gaming experience of SWBFII fans.

This article covers all changes relating to Classes, Special Units, and Vehicle changes.




We’re aware of the stuns locks from lightsabers and we wanted to make the dodge stronger without making it as strong as it was before.

With this change, we are first unifying the dodges. Some characters, like Yoda, didn’t have the same speed and distance for their dodge and that put them at a high disadvantage. All of the dodges for force users are now similar and all dodges for blaster users are the same.

The second part was to get away from stuns locks. To that effect, you are now unstaggerable and immune to melee damage from the start of the dodge (It was a few frames in from before). This is a shorter time than it was on release (it was the whole animation back then) but still enough to feel that you can avoid being damaged.

Please feedback on this change as we’re hoping it will improve the fighting experience while not lowering the lightsaber efficiency too much.

  • Unified dodge lengths among Force using characters to 5.5 meters
  • Unified dodge lengths among blaster wielding characters (Including Troopers) to 4.75 meters
  • Dodge now makes characters unstaggerable from the first frame and for a longer time.
  • Dodge now makes characters immune to Lightsaber, melee, or Phasma’s Staff Strikes damage while unstaggerable (first frames of the animation)

There was a few frames in the animation that felt static and where it felt like the characters could start moving. As such we’ve allowed movement and dodge earlier in the staggered animation after hitting a blocking lightsaber.


Flame Trooper

Image by Cinematic Captures

  • Fixed a visual issue with how the Flame Trooper’s Flame Grenade was exploding
  • Using the FORTIFY ability will no longer disable idle animations


  • Fixed an issue with the AT-ST having their lights on even when it was sunny


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