Star Wars Battlefront II Release Notes: Game Mode & Location changes


As expected, DICE released today the latest content for Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII). Among other things, the studio also implemented a number of fixes for the game. These range from balancing changes to simple bug fixes. All of them serving the intent to better the gaming experience of SWBFII fans.

This article covers all changes relating to Game Mode and Location changes.



  • Fixed an issue where…
    • the player was able to use the LUIV beyond Phase 1 on Starkiller Base
    • the Ion Grenade exploded in mid-air before reaching the AT-AT or MTT
  • Removed a spawn location that was outside the combat area on Yavin 4
  • Fixed an issue where…
    • both factions spawned in the same spot on the Death Star
    • Rebel Heroes spawned outside the combat area on the Death Star II
  • Defeated and rank-up text should no longer overlap in Starfighter Assault
  • Fixed an issue where the camera got stuck after the player respawns as a Bomber
  • Fixed an issue…
    • where the shuttle did not touch down on the ground
    • with respawning if the player restarted while outside the combat area
    • where players wouldn’t respawn as an Ewok after being killed by a trap
    • where incendiary grenades would sometimes not light up the surrounding area
  • Tweaked the flashlight to make it easier to see pickups
  • Fixed a visual artifact that occurred while using the flashlight
  • Fixed an issue where
    • the Enforcer’s Star Cards would appear when spawning as an Ewok
    • Ewok Hunt timed challenges where not shown at the end of round screen
  • The audio for “Enemy Down” is now properly localized in Ewok Hunt


  • Fixed a lighting issue on Naboo
  • Improved collision…
    • on Bespin
    • on Death Star II
    • handling in Kashyyyk
  • Fixed
    • visual artifacts on Endor
    • a lighting issue on Crait
  • Improved…
    • some visuals on Crait
    • collision detection on Crait
    • camera handling on Crait
    • collision detection for AI on Yavin 4


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