Star Wars: Fallen Republic: A full-conversion mod for Stellaris

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Just because Electronic Arts (EA) owns the rights to making Star Wars video games doesn’t mean that we won’t see any community-developed content. In many ways, we’re seeing this with Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII) and the amazing mods we feature every week. Obviously, mods are not something new and they’re not exclusive to SWBFII. Recently an announcement trailer for an upcoming mod caught our attention and we had share it.


Star Wars: Fallen Republic. A full-conversion mod for Stellaris


Some additional details on the mod

The mod is being developed by a group of Stellaris fans going by the name New Horizons. If you’re an Empire at War fan, then you definitely need to check out their mod since it’s based on space exploration, managing an empire, and diplomacy and warfare with other spacefaring civilizations.

The team also provided some additional details on their work on the post you will find below:

We’re proud to finally announce development for Star Wars: Fallen Republic. We plan to deliver the best Star Wars experience that Stellaris has to offer. This will be a total conversion mod.

The team behind ST: New Horizons has joined forces with the team behind SW: Galaxy Divided and Elratie, known for his exceptional Star Wars Ships mod series. A few new fresh faces have joined the team as well.

Starting out where Episode III left off. Take various Star Wars factions such as the Galactic Empire, the Corporate Sector Authority, or the early rumblings of the Rebellion on a journey of your own making.

As we’re still in early development make sure to pay attention to our social media for updates, sneak peeks, and content as we get closer to a public release date for Star Wars: Fallen Republic.




Staying in touch with developments

The group has a number of different social media accounts that you can track their progress.


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