Power Ups




Power Ups are weapons and special abilities that you pick up in the battlefield and you can use against your enemies or for your own benefit. Learning the spawn locations of these Power Ups can help you gain the upper hand against your opponents.

CARD REFRESHA useful card that can make a difference when used carefully since it refreshes all your star cards in cool-down.1. USE IT WHEN IN TROUBLE: Run into a lot of enemy units and already used your star cards? Use the card refresh!

2. REFRESH BOTH CARDS: Sure - you can use the card right away BUT it would be more beneficial if you used it when both your star cards are on cooldown.
INFANTRY TURRETInfantry turrets are fully automatic weapons that can be placed in any location and will lock on to incoming infantry units. 1. PLACE IT CAREFULLY: Keep in mind that turrets need a couple of seconds before they can lock and fire. Place them in open spaces. If there are a lot of obstacles in the turret's field of view and the enemy runs behind them, the turret will not lock to them.

2. SMOKE and SHOCK GRENADES: An easy way of temporarily disabling turrets (other than destroying them) is to use Shock or Smoke Grenades. The first temporarily disables them, while the second prevents them from locking on to targets (assumes that the smoke is in the turret's field of view)
R5-D4 DROIDA droid that's only available to Rebels and can shoot at Imperial units, as well as, perform periodic scans revealing Imperials hiding behind obstacles.1. PLACEMENT: Placing R5-D4 droids in choke points could prove lethal for incoming enemy units. Their scans can also give Rebels the upper hand since they would be able to see Imperials first.
SQUAD SHIELDA shield that can offer cover to multiple teammates and protect them from incoming enemy fire.1. SHIELD HEALTH: When you place it down and you walk under it, you will see a glow over your health that indicates the overall shield health.

2. CYCLER RIFLE: Cycler rifle can penetrate the shield and kill you.
TIE STRIKERA power-up that can only be used by Imperials in Scarif and works almost like an Orbital Strike.1. USE YOUR WEAPON'S RETICLE: Unlike the Orbital Strike where you get to use binoculars to aim the strike towards the enemy, the Tie Striker works with your weapon's reticle. Aim towards the enemy, then activate the Tie Defender.

2. GO FOR THE CROWDS: Aim your strikes towards crowded areas, like heavy guarded-objectives and chokepoints. This increases your chances of getting kills and clearing the area.
U-WINGPicked up in Infiltration game mode. It allows you to fly as a gunner over the battlefield and shoot enemies. You're also granted two abilities as a gunner (1) a shield and (2) a sensor jammer.1. KNOW THE MAP: When flying as a gunner with the U-Wing, knowing where the points of contention are (shuttles to detonate, choke points, etc), will help you spread "death from above" and help your team succeed in their goals.

2. YOU'RE NOT INVINCIBLE: Remember that you can still get shot down and die while flying as a gunner. That's where the U-Wing's abilities come in handy.
VEHICLE TURRETA turret that shoots homing rockets against vehicles and can be very useful in game modes like walker assault.1. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: Ensure that you place the turret in a location that has a clear field of view toward the vehicles.
VIPER PROBE DROIDThe Imperial equivalent of the R5-D4 droid. It can shoot at Rebels, as well as, perform periodic scans revealing Rebels hiding behind obstacles.1. PLACEMENT: Placing Imperial Probe Droids in choke points could prove lethal for incoming enemy units. Their scans can also give Imperials the upper hand since they would be able to see Rebels first.

ORBITAL STRIKEA powerful strike that is triggered from a distance, creates extensive damage to any vehicles and infantry that are in the vicinity.1. AIM CAREFULLY: While the strike is powerful, keep in mind that enemy units get a warning indication right before the bombardment starts.

2. AIM CAREFULLY - PART 2: When aiming, ensure that you are behind cover and not on top of a hill where everyone can see you. You're not invincible when aiming.
PROXIMITY BOMBYou can think of proximity bombs as mines. Once an enemy unit gets close to them, they emit a sound that changes its pitch the closer the bomb is to denotating.1. PLACE THEM CAREFULLY: When placing them, ensure that they are not visible to incoming enemy units and that they are not hidden behind obstacles, otherwise, they won't create any damage when they detonate.

2. DETONATE THEM REMOTELY: If you're at a distance, you can detonate them remotely by shooting at them. You could get some easy kills if nearby enemies are be caught in the blast.
THERMAL IMPLODERA powerful explosive that's thrown as a grenade but can cause a lot more damage than a regular grenade.1. COVER: Make sure that you take cover and give yourself some space once you throw it. The blast radius of the imploder is extensive and you could easily get caught in it.

2. SMALL PLACES, HIGH NUMBER OF KILLS: Throw an imploder in a small room with a lot of enemy units and watch your kill count go up.

BLASTER CANNONYou can think of blaster cannons as fixed turrets that you directly control. They only turn 45 degrees to each side and can't be picked up again once they are placed. Blaster Cannons also carry a small shield that can withstand some blaster fire.1. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: Think carefully where you placing your turret. Make sure that you have good visibility and no obstacles blocking your 90-degree field of view.

2 USE THE WEAPON’S RANGE: Blaster Cannons are deadly at large distances and their firing rate decent. You can sit back and start mowing down enemy units before they even see you.

DISRUPTOR RIFLEA weapon that can be used against vehicles, shields and infantry. Before you can fire it, you need to charge it.1. CHARGING THE WEAPON: Keep in mind that the weapon takes some time to charge. Take cover, charge it, then reveal yourself and fire it. This tactic assumes that you're using a 3rd person view.

2. BLUE GLOW IS A DEAD GIVE-AWAY: Remember that if you're in a dark place and charging the disruptor, the blue glow could reveal your position, even if you're in cover.

SMART ROCKETA rocket that can lock on to vehicles or fired against infantry in manual (non-lock) mode. A single shot against infantry is instant death in most cases.1. SHOOTING VS. INFANTRY. You don't have hit the enemy unit directly. If your rocket lands right next to them, it can kill them.
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