Star Wars: Rise to Power offers pre-alpha sign ups for Android users


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For the most part, the Star Wars Gaming Network (SWGN) focuses on Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII) and the developments taking place in that game. With Respawn Entertainment’s unannounced Star Wars game not landing until 2020, there aren’t any PC or console Star Wars games coming out anytime soon. That’s clearly not the case with mobile games. Star Wars: Rise to Power was announced last year and it’s currently accepting pre-alpha sign-ups for Android users.

Building up your base will be part of the game


Star Wars: Rise to Power explained

The game is being developed by Lucasfilm in collaboration with Electronic Arts (EA). It is meant to be mobile strategy Star Wars game for iOS and Android. Currently, it’s in very early development stages but the team is looking for gamers with Android devices willing to test it. The development team is promising more details in the months to come. We haven’t seen anything else, other some leaked videos on YouTube.


Rise to Power takes place in the period right after the destruction of the second Death Star. It pits the remaining Imperial forces against the New Republic. It’s essentially the same era as SWBFII covers with its single-player campaign. The player can choose to control either faction and fight for control of different sectors across the galaxy. You can also build up your fleet, as well as, construct your base in preparation for battle.

The multiplayer element of the game comes in terms of forming alliances with other players in order to control a sector. If you contribute the most points during a conflict you get to assign titles to other players. Rise to Power also allows you to form alliances within your own faction so that you can increase the chances of getting more points.


Some details on controlling sectors and interacting with other players


Clash of Clans for Star Wars?

As mentioned above, very little information is currently available about the game. Rise to Power shows a strong resemblance to popular mobile game Clash of Clans. We think it’s also interesting that Lucasfilm picked the post-Galactic Civil War era as its setting. It could potentially indicate the desire to move off the beaten path story-wise and expand to other lesser-known eras in the Star Wars universe. Either way, we’re speculating that we won’t see this game until later this year.


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