SWBFII Fan Art Thursday: I still remember my last orders

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This Thursday, the Star Wars Gaming Network (SWBG) is extremely fortunate to feature an artist who’s extremely passionate about his creations and art. Alex Lehr is a talented artist who created this amazing Iden Versio piece after playing Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII). He was fascinated by the character and the single-player campaign so he created the incredible piece below. Alex also sat down with us for an interview that you will find below.

SWGN would like to thank Alex for his time.


SWBFII Fan Art Thursday: I still remember my last orders


A quick word with the artist


1. Can you give us a brief overview of your background and your past work?

My name is Alex Lehr, a resident of Durant, Oklahoma, and native from Louisiana, husband to Amanda Lehr and son of Richard Lehr and Charlotte Sepulvado. I have been writing since I was a child, formulating ideas for various worlds that I refer to as, “The Chain,” which gets highlighted in my recently published books, “The Ravenlungs,” which I have been blessed to be the author of. Graduated in 2015 from Southeastern Oklahoma State University with a BA in Writing Emphasis, and I love art. I strive to draw every single day and submit to this site, and I am the leading contributor of Poison Ivy fanart on Deviantart, if not the Internet itself in terms of quantity, a great passion of mine as I love DC. I like to think I breathe art because art, like breath, is necessary to all human beings.


2. What made you decide to create this particular Iden Versio piece?

I fell in love with Iden Versio when I first played Battlefront 2, a character that had a legitimately interesting story due to her flaws and her commitments. I love that she doesn’t necessarily see the universe in black and white, which humanizes the Empire THROUGH her eyes for us viewers. She’s a great character, not to mention a physically attractive babe, and I hope to do so much more!


3. Can you please give us a brief overview of how you go about creating your work? What research do you do? What tools do you use?

The only research I can for sure say is my own imagination’s limitless roads, pursuing the dark and twisted paths alongside the light and innocent, striving, me, to be an artistic balance of my spirit’s reflection. While I do no research, and simply answer the call of my many muses, I use GIMP for all of my work. GIMP is like a best friend to me and has been for years. It is an amazingly reliable program that removes the need to get Photoshop. The makers did such a great job with it, and I thank them for it!


4. What was/is the most challenging aspect of your creating artwork like this?

The most challenging aspect is usually backgrounds. I don’t believe that I am very skilled with detailed backgrounds, and more often than not will simplify them to put the focus on the subject itself. I become enraptured with my female muses, and thus forget the importance of scenario.


5. What is your experience with Star Wars games? Do you play SWBF2 and if so what do you like about it?

I have loved Star Wars since childhood. My father made sure of that from an early age. The story, the music, the worlds, the everything, I adore. Star Wars is a huge part of my life. Even if I disagree with Disney on many things, I would never dream of betraying or abandoning Lucas’s creation. It is essential to all beings. Shadows of the Empire was actually the first video game I ever played, at age 5, so Star Wars brought games into my life, and as an avid gamer, I love it even more for that.


6.Do you play SWBF2 and if so what do you like about it?

I definitely like Battlefront 2 (2017), but I was disappointed by the lack of single-player content. To me, single player is the absolute most important element of all games, and EA should never have locked content behind paywalls. We need a resurrection of the original Battlefronts and the old days of working to unlock things. We need a revival of fun. I like the new Battlefront for its campaign and its expansion of a story we all love, and I need more of THAT in my life. Imagination unleashed at its finest and most beautiful.


7. Are there any other links you can share with us where fans can see your work?

I don’t currently have any other links to share, per say, but my Facebook is always a welcome place for my fans to talk to me. My Deviantart is definitely my headquarters, and I hope people will come to see me on here and share their thoughts on my work. I would love to meet, inspire, and create.


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