SWBFII Milestone / achievement patch coming tonight!

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Inferno Squad

Earlier today, we wrote about a post over in the French forums of EA, talking about a possible patch landing soon. The patch will address a bug mentioned many times. In the rare occasion you haven’t read/heard about it, then the bug is preventing players from claiming their rewards after completing an achievement. Today, EA Community Manager, Mat Everett (aka Sledgehammer) posted some good news for fans.



Patch with rewards landing tonight!

Sledgehammer posted the following message at the official forums:

Our team is working to resolve an issue surrounding milestones/achievements not being granted to players who have earned them. The team has an update rolling out tonight that will address the issues players have been experiencing.

Alongside this update, we will also be granting all players a bonus crate, as we realized this issue had prevented players from earning their daily challenge rewards. The bonus crate will include 4,000 credits and Standard Starfighter rewards.

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to see you back out on the Battlefront.


Communication returns

DICE was clearly working on with the highest priority. Over the last couple of weeks, this was probably the most frequent bug we read about. It’s worth pointing out, that this also breaks the release cycle that DICE had previously established. As Sledgehammer previously mentioned, releases can happen any day of the week. It also deploys a patch less than 1 week apart from each other.

We think that including 4000 credits is a nice addition to the patch. It’s a nice gesture considering that some fans were affected more than others during the issue. It’s also good to see some level of communication returning from DICE. We hope that continues.


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