SWBFII milestone completion bug not completely fixed

author image by Elr1c | News | 0 Comments | February 5, 2018

Over the last week, we wrote quite a few times about a new bug that made its appearance last weekend. The bug prevents players to claim rewards for different in-game accomplishments. Instead of being able to claim a reward, players see their milestones remain locked and no button to allow them to claim them.


Fans who were able to unlock milestones after the patch received their rewards without any issues


An annoying bug surfaces

Last week, DICE reported that the issue was fixed. In specific, the following message was posted on Twitter. If you visited the official forums then you would have seen more than 1000 posts discussing the issue. As expected, the bug was probably a top priority for the DICE team and its fixes were implemented within 3 days after being reported.


Problem solved?

The patch was released last Friday and it seemed that the worst was behind us. Some players reported that they could claim their rewards without any issues. At the same time, however, there was another group of people who still couldn’t. DICE mentioned that clearing their backlog and properly restoring the rewards to everyone affected might take some time. We have no way of knowing how big their queue is so it could take some time until everything gets processed.


The milestone completion bug left a lot of fans confused if not frustrated


It’s worth pointing out that since the patch went live, the problem disappeared from anyone attempting to unlock something new. We managed to verify this (on PC) when we correctly received our milestone rewards right away.

Is the problem completely solved? Not exactly.

If you played before the patch landed and you got your milestones stuck then it seems that you can’t claim your rewards just yet. As mentioned above, if you played after the patch then you shouldn’t have had any issues. For those players who still can’t claim their rewards, we’re guessing that it’s a result of simply having way too many players to process. This week, we should hopefully have some reply from DICE.


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