SWBFII Release Notes: Class, Special Unit and general fixes


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  • The next patch adds improved melee combat responsiveness for all melee attacks, including lightsabers. The timing of effects, audio, camera shake, and the application of damage now align to the expected moment of the impact to make the melee combat experience feel tighter.
  • Fixed an issue where…
    • …lightsaber impact spark effects and sounds triggered in unexpected instances such as kicks or punches
    • …the last class you play got all XP while playing in Speeders.
    • …XP for Artillery was given to the last Class played instead of the Artillery Class
    • …the player sometimes did not get bonus credits when reaching Level 27 for the Speeder and Armor Classes
    • …the user was getting too many Credits when Leveling with excess Skill Points for Officer, Specialist, Fighter, Interceptor, and Bomber classes
  • Fixed an issue…
    • …with the cooldown of the Rocket Trooper’s Jetpack Dash ability in Cargo
    • …where ranking up the Fighter and Bomber Classes to 40 visually reverted to 39 when joining the game again
    • …with the Jump Trooper becoming invisible under certain circumstances




  • If your team doesn’t play the objective, now they have a better reason. DICE, added a 100 Credits win bonus for players who win a round of multiplayer.
  • Improved in-game messaging for Timed Challenges
  • Added support for quick equipping Emotes, Victory Poses, and Appearances from the Crate opening screen
  • In case you missed it, you can now listen to foot planting when playing in 3rd person view
  • Fixed…
    • …an issue where the ROCKET TURRET did too much damage when destroyed by enemy damage
    • …extreme ragdoll effects after being hit by PUSH-like abilities more than once
    • …an issue where continuous music would overlap with planet start music
  • Enabled hero stingers for players using continuous music
Milestone, Achievement and Challenge fixes
  • Fixed an issue where…
    • …completed Milestones triggered an in-game message with empty fields
    • …the Milestone “Heights of Greatness” did not track properly
    • …Yoda’s Milestone “Force Unleashed” did not track properly
    • …the Timed Challenge “Following Orders” on Takodana was not tracking properly if the player captures the objective while in an AT-ST
    • …the Timed Challenge “Following Orders”‘s progress was not visible at the End of Round
    • …Han Solo’s “When it Counts” Milestone was not tracking more than 1 point per SHARP SHOOTER elimination
    • …the achievement “Do. Or Do Not. There is no Try.” is awarded without playing with all the Heroes.
Emotes, victory poses, and sound fixes
  • Fixed an issue where…
    • …the default Victory Pose was not available
    • …with holograms not showing in the crate opening screen for the “Denied” and “Roger Roger” emotes and Lando’s “I’m Responsible These Days” emote
    • …Emotes are not highlighted with the white border after being unlocked
    • …the Emote audio played by alien characters kept playing when selecting another Emote in the Emote list
    • …in Strike where a VO line for package delivery is prompted on a defend objective map
Other fixes
  • Fixed an issue where…
    • …the spawn screen and the End of Round screen sometimes overlap in Heroes vs Villains and Starfighter modes
    • …in Arcade where the first Star Card slot was not available by a Star Card from a different Unit leaving only two slots available
    • …in the Collection screen where browsing to the left between different factions would skip some factions
    • …with XP bars in the spawn screen showing an incorrect amount of progress
    • …accounts with Class Level high enough to reveal new Star Cards, did not have them turn over when booting the title for the first time after the Progression Update
    • …on Kamino in Strike/Blast where defending clone players of the Galactic Republic hear the Resistance VO mentioning the First Order in all the objective VOs triggered throughout the gameplay
    • …with Captain Phasma’s armor looking incorrect in the interior of Administrator’s Palace
    • …when skipping the Star Card unlock animation
    • …several login crates could be granted at once
    • …with Aurebesh font displaying broken characters in the Russian, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese
    • …graphical corruption issue on Resurgent with RX 580 Series
  • With this release, they will be adding improved Ansel support.
  • The studio also implemented various graphical improvements.
  • If you were crashing frequently, fear not. DICE also fixed various crash issues.


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