SWBFII’s design director drops a clone-load of game updates

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DICE has been relatively quiet over the last couple of weeks about upcoming content. Over social media, fans were constantly asking developers about the upcoming season, new heroes, weapons and so on. With the milestone completion patch finally landing last night, there was a certain level of anxiety among the community. Luckily Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII)’s design director, Dennis Brännvall, took on the official forums and Twitter and posted some updates about upcoming content.


A New Hope… for SWBFII

The following updates were posted over at the official forums as well as Twitter. It’s probably the most SWBFII news we have in a long time. This is simply a massive content update for the game. It also shows the level of commitment DICE has for SWBFII which Brännvall also pointed out. He mentioned that his post-launch team of designers, artists and engineers is significantly larger as compared to the original SWBF that was released in 2015.

According to SWBFII’s design director, patch 1.2 is currently in QA right now. Depending on their cycles, and how long it’s been there, we’re guessing that we’re just a few weeks away from the patch deploying.

In terms of priorities, it’s also worth noting that DICE’s current SWBFII priorities include (1) career and progression (2) New game modes (3) Arcade.


Dennis Brännvall using his “content update” sentry ability. Pic by Cinematic Captures.


Upcoming content and content considerations

  • Conquest mode in SWBFII: Dennis was asked whether we’re going to get a Conquest mode for SWBFII. He said mentioned that it was something that the team looked into it in the past and they’re still considering. A lot of fans took this as confirmation that we’re getting the requested mode, however, Brännvall was quick to point out on Reddit that this hasn’t been decided yet. Dennis promised to let the community know once a decision has been made.
  • Jetpack Cargo: The new game mode is set to land as part of Patch 1.2.
  • New maps for Starfighter Assault (SA): Dennis confirmed that more maps are coming for SA. These won’t necessarily take place in space but on the surface of planets. No date was provided.
  • New maps for ground modes: DICE is looking into porting over maps from the 2015 version of Star Wars Battlefront. No date was provided.
  • Clone Wars Content: Again, Brännvall remained laconic, didn’t provide details but confirmed that Clone Wars content is coming.
  • New reinforcements: Arc troopers and commando droids could be coming to SWBFII. Dennis also highlighted Droidekas as a potential option.
  • Customization system: When asked to confirm whether we’re going to get a more in-depth customization system, Dennis, replied with a simple “yes”.  More depth, in this case, doesn’t only include skins, but also the ability to change, eye color, skin color and more. The system won’t be part of patch 1.2 and will come at a later time.
  • Improved Party System: A new “play with friends” system that’s similar to squad System is coming. Unfortunately, there is no release date for it yet.
  • Online co-op: This was another request from the community. According to Dennis the implementation of the feature is ways off. DICE is certainly looking into it.


Single-player content is a big part of upcoming updates. Pic by Cinematic Captures.


Single Player Content

  • Large-scale PvE game mode: Dennis pointed out that the team is actively working on adding a large scale Player vs. Environment (PvE) game mode to single player.
  • Arcade content: DICE is working on adding all multiplayer planets in arcade mode. Once that is done, they will ensure that once a map gets added to multiplayer it immediately gets added to arcade mode.
  • Survival mode: Brännvall pointed out that he would love to see survival making a return to SWBFII. He didn’t offer a commitment though and his reply sounded more of a wish than confirmation.


While not specifically called out, there are a lot of indications of a Clone Wars season. Pic by Cinematic Captures.


Season content

  • Season variety: Some season content will include new planets, heroes and will be content-heavy. Other seasons will be more focused and add new game modes and overhauls.
  • On the possibility of having more than two heroes for each season: The answer that was provided pretty much highlighted all possibilities. In other words, in some seasons we might get more than 2 heroes, while in others no heroes at all. It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out.
  • Season themes: Brännvall highlighted that some season themes are already decided. He mentioned that they’re mainly influenced by what’s happening with Star Wars movies. This could point out that we’re getting a Solo season and possibly and Episode 9 season. At the same time, he also highlighted that outside of movie-themed seasons, the community has a big say on what seasons DICE will implement.
  • Season timing: Dennis admitted that the season timing was later than expected since the team had to recover after launch and do some soul-searching.


Lightsabers are getting some visual tweaks. Pic by Cinematic Captures.


Fixes, enhancements, and clarifications

  • Emotes fixes: Some emotes are not working as intended, especially with heroes as Iden Versio. DICE is currently working on fixes.
  • Adding more announcers: Some fans recently asked about adding more variety of announcers in Heroes vs. Villains. DICE is actively working on adding more.
  • Shuffling after each match: The feature is coming but no ETA was provided.
  • Team balance: One of the issues you might have come across is when one team has more players than the other. A fix is coming but again we have no date for it.
  • Non-holographic menus: You might have seen a mod that removes the holograms from SWBFII’s in-game menus. Looks like DICE will also implement a no-hologram mode for the menus as well.
  • FOV sliders for consoles: If you’re playing SWBFII on PC then you know that one of the options is a FOV slider that allows you to change your Field Of View. This option is not available for consoles, however, the team is looking into implementing it.
  • Lightsaber strikes vs. hits: Fans pointed out that there is currently a delay between when a lightsaber strikes and when the impact is felt by the enemy.  DICE is currently implementing a fix for it.
  • Lightsaber look: Fans indicated that lightsabers in the original game looked a lot better than in SWBFII. DICE is currently working on this.
  • Supercharged Sentry: Dennis agreed that they nerfed the ability too much. We should expect to see an adjustment as part of the next patch.
  • Map selector: DICE is looking into adding an Era select screen starting with Galactic Assault as a test in the near future.
  • Patch frequency: Currently DICE is on a 4-week release cycle for client patches and have a more frequent cycle for server-side patches. They’re working on increasing the frequency.
  • Timed challenges: DICE is currently working on fixing issues with them.


A new dark trooper in town? Pic by Cinematic Captures.


Not planned or not currently a priority

  • Campaign-mode content: Currently there are no plans to add more campaign content in SWBFII.
  • Offline Galactic Assault: Another community request deals with implementing Galactic Assault (GA) as an offline mode with AI players. Brännvall said that porting Galactic Assault to single-player is simply not an option. He mentioned that the team wants to ensure that they focus on what AI does well and GA isn’t that
  • Private matches: While DICE wants to add private matches are not currently in the plans, DICE hopes to add them in the future. The feature is not a priority.
  • Spectator mode: The team is looking into it, however, it’s not a priority a the moment.
  • Changing in-game menus to the older style: Some fans expressed their preference to SWBF’s original menu style. Dennis clarified that they have no plans of bringing the old style back.
  • Lightsaber ignition and retraction: The enhancement is coming but it’s not currently a priority.
  • Shadow troopers: Shadow troopers won’t be making a return in SWBFII. According to DICE, there is a new black trooper in town.


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