SWBFII’s Season 2: Ewok Hunt is permanent, new map, spectator mode & more!

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The long wait is over! Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII) second season launches today! With it, it brings a number of changes to the game as well as some new content. In a relevant post yesterday at the official forums, Electronic Arts’ Global Community Manager, Ben Walke, commemorated the event.


SWBFII’s Season 2 launches today! Here’s what it brings with it


New Map (plus 3 more next week)


Video credit:fifthdayofmay
In this update, we revisit the iconic location of Jabba’s Palace. inside Jabba’s Palace were some of Han’s friends in some of the most unique appearances in the Star Wars universe.

Leia’s legendary appearance costs 80,000 credits or 2000 crystals

Specifically, Lando Calrissian in a Skiff Guard appearance and, as our first legendary Appearance, Leia Organa disguised as the bounty hunter Boussh – complete with the scrambled voice!


New game modes: Ewok Hunt is now a permanent

We’re also introducing a new permanent game mode where players will play as two Heroes against two Villains, where the winning team needs to change up their strategy to continue winning. We call it Hero Showdown!

It’s worth noting that in a post earlier today Ben Walke indicated that 3 more maps are coming to Hero Showdown next week. The current rotation involves Jabba’s Palace only this week. Map variety will increase when more maps are added as indicated above.

In addition, it seems that Hero Showdown also supports a “Spectator Mode“. It essentially allows for players to spectate others playing a match. We haven’t tested this functionality yet, but the screenshots seem very promising.

Image credit: DYSPROssium


On top of a new multiplayer mode, we have something for Arcade fans and fans of starfighter combat in general – Custom Arcade now has a mode for Starfighters! This provides the chance to try out the various starfighters whenever you want.

Custom arcade for starfighter menu options


New Menus

Needless to say that the new SWBFII look phenomenal. It almost looks like a brand new game and the hero models certainly look a lot better. The character models are bigger and more clear to see. Even the droids

The new menus look amazing!


Other fixes and updates

Lastly, we’ve introduced a few other improvements that we hope you enjoy; including the ability to Upgrade and Unlock Star Cards in the pre-round phase of a match and the addition of lore text to all of the Appearances!

As always we’ve squashed some bugs and continued balancing the game. Read on to see what else we’ve tweaked and let us know your thoughts!

Other “quality of life” (QoL) improvements and other updates include:

  • Map info: You can now see what map you’re joining from the menu screen (vs. waiting to see its loading screen).
  • XP bar: Hero health bar now includes an XP minibar that shows you how much you have to go before leveling.
  • Leia’s facelift: Leia’s face texture has been updated and it looks great.
  • Loading times: Loading times for menus has been improved! According to Ben Walke, he spoke to the team and they slightly modified the data format. It also resulted in a bigger download for today’s update. Nevertheless, the change resulted in a dramatic improvement of your loading times.
  • Lore text: As mentioned above lore text has been added to each skin. This means that each skin comes with an interesting description that gives us more information about it and how it ties to the Star Wars Universe.
  • Minimum numbers: If 2 people quit Hero showdown, the game continues with 1v1.
  • Trooper / Hero milestones: All troopers/heroes received new milestones that come in tiers. This means that each class/hero gets three tiers. Completing each tier gives you 1000 credits as a reward. All you have to do is get enough battle points to move to the next.
    • 1st tier – Novice <class/hero name> : For example Novice Assault
    • 2nd tier – Experienced <class/hero name>: For example Experienced Assault
    • 3rd tier – Veteran <class/hero name>: For example Veteran Assault
  • Star Card duplication crates deployed: Some players didn’t receive their crafting parts properly and today, they received the following message. Click on the image for the full description.


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