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According to DICE, one of the more surprising things about Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII) was the popularity of single-player. Recently, they announced that over 70% of players have tried the single-play campaign. The three studios working on the game, DICE, Motive, and Criterion, get frequent requests for adding more single-player content. In specific, Criterion admitted that they had to reevaluate their plans for future content due to single-player’s popularity. It also led DICE’s design director, Dennis Brännvall, posting a number of different updates relating to single-player. We decided to take a closer look at these.


The popularity of single-player, made DICE reevaluate their future content plans


Upcoming single-player content

If we were to take a guess, then SWBFII’s single-player content would be a totally different experience in six months down the road as compared to today. For starters, all multiplayer maps would be available for the arcade game mode. Any new maps released as part of a season would instantly get added to single-player. This is great news for all those who prefer to stay in arcade game mode. As some highlighted, not all console players have subscriptions to console subscription services in order to play online.

The second thing that will certainly please single game mode fans is a new game mode. A lot of SWBFII fans have been asking for a conquest game mode like the one that was present in the original SWBF developed by Pandemic. In turn, Dennis Brännvall confirmed that DICE is working on a large-scale Player vs. Environment (PvE) game mode. We’re not necessarily sure how this is going to play out but we have a pretty strong imagination!

One possibility is to add Galactic Assault (GA) in single-player. This would also tie with the effort of bringing all multiplayer maps to arcade game mode. It’s worth noting that Brännvall pointed out that he doesn’t think GA would work in single player. It’s fair to assume that the new PvE mode will be something completely new.

All these additions will definitely create the need for having the ability to play with friends online. While multiplayer is an option, adding an online co-op mode would allow gamers to play with a friend of theirs in an arcade setting is also an option. Dennis, also agreed that it’s a great idea, however, he was quick to point out that the game mode is ways off from happening.


Expect more single-player content coming your way. Picture by Cinematic Captures


Single-player content that’s unconfirmed or not a priority

Single-player seems to be an important consideration for DICE’s future content plans. This, of course, doesn’t mean that every single request is going to be implemented. As some might expect, we won’t be getting any more single-player campaign missions. We think that campaign is probably one of the more expensive things to implement. DICE also stated that there are currently no plans for the game’s campaign.

Another request dealt with adding Star Fighter assault in single-player. Criterion Game’s twitter account was asked the question, however, they pointed out that they’re re-evaluating their plans since single-player has been so popular. This could be interpreted in a number of different ways but it’s certainly not a confirmation. We certainly think that it would make a great addition to the game.

Lastly, fans have been asking for the reintroduction of survival game mode that was available in SWBFI. The mode allowed you to play against waves of enemies in a last-trooper standing type of mode. Again, Brännvall agreed that it was a good idea, however, he did point out that it could take some time until this gets implemented. We don’t think that this is in the plans but could be a future consideration.


More single-player content coming your way. Picture by Cinematic Captures


So when are we getting these again?

This is obviously the question that everyone is trying to answer. DICE has admitted that it takes about 4 weeks for them to put out new content. They want to move faster and they’re working towards that. We have to keep in mind that the studio is retooling the game while at the same time trying to release new content for it. This is a monumental task which can only be compared to flying a plane, while at the same time attempting to change its engines. In this case, retooling refers to reworking the game’s progression system, adding a customization system and more. From a fan’s perspective this might be frustrating but at the same time, we think that it benefits the game in the long-run.


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