Star Wars Battlefront II Timed Challenge Tracker: Blast Them To Pieces!

author image by Elr1c | News | 0 Comments | March 8, 2018

Timed challenges continue for Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII). The latest one focuses on the game mode of Blast. It continues the pattern of introducing game-mode based challenges that require very little time to complete.


Timed Challenge: Blast Them To Pieces!

Thursday’s challenge requires you to play 3 rounds of “Blast” for the reward of 1000 credits. This should be pretty straight-forward and should only take you little time to finish.


Timed Challenge: Do. Or Do Not.

The latest challenge brings us back to battle scenarios. In specific, it requires you to play the “There is No Try” Light-side Battle Scenario. This particular mission asks you to play as Yoda in Theed and defeat the incoming waves of Droids attempting to capture the palace. It’s Yoda against everybody!

Timed Challenge: Infiltrate the enemy

This class-based challenge asks you to use your specialist class and its infiltration ability. You’re required to kill 5 enemy units using this ability for a reward of 1000 credits.

Timed Challenge: One Helluva Fighter

The challenge requires you to eliminate 30 enemy soldiers for a cosmetics crate. According to some reports, this particular cosmetics crate will reward you with an emote and 500 credits. It’s worth pointing out that unlike other challenges, its duration is 16+ days so that gives you ample time to finish it.



Timed Challenge: Delusions of Grandeur

SWBFII returns to Heroes vs. Villains game mode. The challenge is pretty simple and only requires you to play 3 rounds of this particular game mode. “Delusions of Grandeur”, which is based on the famous Han Solo quote will reward you 1000 credits upon completion

Timed Challenge: Stop that cargo!

This challenge requires you to stop the cargo carrier once. In exchange, you will be rewarded 1000 credits for your effort. The last two challenges seem to be shifting towards objective-based goals vs. just playing a game mode. As always, you only have about 2 days to complete this challenge.



Timed Challenge: Special Delivery

This JetPack Cargo challenge asks you to pick up the cargo once. In exchange,  you will receive 1000 credits. It’s a great way to make players focus on the objective in order to help out their team, instead of flying around trying to get more kills. Please note that the challenge is only available for a limited amount of time.


Timed Challenge: Jump into action

The challenge requires you to play 3 rounds of JetPack Cargo in order to receive 1000 credits. Please note that you need to complete this within 2 days in order to receive the credits.


Timed Challenge: Play 5 rounds of JetPack Cargo

Last week, we also received a similar challenge but with a different payout. It required you to play 5 rounds of JetPack Cargo in order to receive a trooper crate. We noticed that (at least our) rewards were pretty good compared to challenges in the past. It might indicate that DICE is actively looking into improving the rewards for challenges like these.


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