Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023
Traveloka Epic Sale Singapore

Traveloka Epic Sale Singapore will be a good idea if you want to travel with your friends. Some people prefer to go to a new place with friends than family. Why is that so? Maybe it is because the family member is busy, there are some kids, and your granny is too old. That is why you can beg on your friends that are the same age as you.

Many Travel Destinations for Teenagers in Singapore

 This Merlion country has many travel destinations for teenagers who want to enjoy the holidays. Here is a list of travel spots you may like.

  1. Singapore Flyer

This place is interesting because the diameter of the flyer is 150 meters. It is very high and wide. If you want to go there with your friends, that will be very challenging.

  1. Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is also important and famous in Singapore. There is a tall building that is very luxurious and modern. There are many hotels there too. So, if you want to stay in one of the hotels, it will be a good idea.

  1. Night Safari

Do you like to go outside in the evening? If you do, come to Night Safari in Singapore. It is a fabulous place with a good setting. Night Safari is one of the most favorite places since 1984.

  1. Universal Studios Singapore

That is the most popular place in Singapore. Many people come here to see the beautiful settings of many things. Like dinosaur setting, film scenes setting, and many more. There is someplace to do challenging activities too. So, it is not only suitable for kids but also for teenagers and adults.

  1. Merlion Park

You have to go to this place because it is a landmark in Singapore. A long time ago, Singapore’s name was Temasek. It means a place near the sea. This Merlion statue is a landmark of the country that is very meaningful. Because it has a lion head and fish body.

  1. Singapore Zoo

If you like animals, come to Singapore Zoo to see many various animals. They are healthy and happy there, and you can see it from their behavior. The monkeys and elephants eat so well and they like to play in the area.

Choose Your Staycation Place in Singapore

After finish all your schedule with your friends to many places, maybe you will be tired. You need to choose a hotel that has good quality of services and facilities. Don’t worry, you can select one of the Singapore Hotel Deals that will give many pieces of information about the rooms, services, and prices.

You can also get Traveloka Epic Sale Singapore to make your holiday cheaper. This vacation will be memorable if you go to Singapore with your friends, and go to many places. Do you want to go there in October? Come and get the special discounts from Traveloka that will make you save more money.

By Drajad